Beatriz and Daniela Oruna are a sister duo who struggled with feeding options for their family for years. Fast, nutritious meals that didn't cost a fortune were incredibly hard to find. "My sister and I work and have kids," said Beatriz Oruna. "We were always feeling guilty about either feeding them fast food or spending $40-$50 to feed them. We were looking for things like rice and chicken or macaroni and cheese with pork." So thus, Bitebound was born! A food bowl galore that delivers quick, convenient bowls your way!

sweet tooth ?

Have room for dessert? Bitebound offers several options when it comes to that sweet tooth craving. Be sure to try our famous Upside-Down Mini Pineapple Cake!

giving back.

Bitebound is taking strides to be of impact in the
food-industry. Our vision is to give back by incorporating locally-sourced ingredients into our recipes (when available), and to take a percentage of every bowl ordered and give to local food banks in our area.

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